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Certified Swingers
The Windy Clitty Awards ("the People's Choice awards for the lifestyle)
has awarded Swinger's Scoreboard, our sister publication on print
the Best Publication award!!!

Here is the press release and all of the winners:

The Chicago Adventure

We had a blast in Chicago and we need a few days to recoup. I couldn't believe how many people were partying at one time on the hospitality floor. It was really hot!

Thank you to all of our staff and all of those people that helped us put on another great event. Here are the winners of the Windy Clitty Awards (the "People's Choice awards for the lifestyle):

Best Publication

Best On Premise Club
Casa Bella's (CB's)

Best Off Premise Club
Cyn's Chicago Bar Meets (Handle Cyn on Lifestyle Lounge)

Best Hotel Social
Rocky Mountain Connections Social Club

Best Convention or Event
N'awlins in November

Best International Resort

Best Website
Lifestyle Lounge

Best Travel Professionals
Castaways Travel

Best Products and Vendors
Lisa Two Bears

Best US Clothing Optional Resort
Live Oak Resort

Bob & Tess
French Connection Events
(800) 304-4493

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